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Will and Mary Margaret Thomas Yoga House Miami Bikram Yoga

We are experts in helping people reduce pain through flexibility and stretching - since 2007.

Stiffness, back pain, knee problems, frozen shoulder...Stressful life, sitting at a desk or in a car...Feeling behind on the commitments we want to make to work and family...

We can help.  Give us an hour of your time after work (or mornings and weekends) and we will teach you how opening your body and stiff muscles can lead to a calmer, controlled state of mind.

Learn how to get more flexibility and mobility in your body (and mind).  2 weeks unlimited classes plus a 15-min consultation on setting and getting results!  $49 for a limited time.

   1ST 2 WEEKS OF CLASSES  $49    

Yoga House Miami Yoga Classes

   1ST 2 WEEKS OF CLASSES $49   



In Control.

Join our Clients who are Opening their Bodies and Minds